Animal Cookie

This tasty fun cookie is loved by children and adults. With bits of circus animal cookies throughout there is sweetness in every bite.  The fun look of these, make them perfect for birthdays and parties but you'll want to order them any day of the week!


Apple Harvest Spiced Sugar Cookie

This is a twisted take on a sugar cookie. With a subtle apple flavor and just the right amount of sweetness and spice this is a perfect fall cookie. Move over pumpkin!


Caramel Oatmeal Cookie

This cookie is a family favorite! Packed with ooey, gooey, sea salt caramel and chocolate. This not your ordinary oatmeal cookie.


Cookie Butter Bars

A cookie butter rice crispy bar with bits of chocolate and extra marshmallows. You get all the marshmallow texture of a rice crispy treat but with a little more grownup taste! 


Chocolate Chip Cookie

A large chocolate chip cookie that is big enough to share but you won't want to. Soft chewy center with golden brown edges makes it the perfect chocolate chip cookie.


Smore's Cookie

Could be Chocolate Chip's cousin. This Cookie reminds you of sitting around the campfire as you taste the graham cracker, roasted marshmallow, and chocolate bar all in a soft chewy cookie!

PRICES:     $4.00/cookie            $24/6 cookies          $32/8 cookies          $38/ 10 cookies     $45/ 12 cookies

Pick up or Delivery (charges apply   $6 - within 15 miles   $10 - 16-25 miles   $15 - 26-40 miles)